Bridging Loans

RATES AVAILABLE FROM 0.65% per month

We source the market for you and find the best and most suitable Bridging Loan for your circumstances.

We have many requests for Bridging Loans for different reasons:~

  • Complete on Property Purchase
  • VAT Bills
  • Tax Bills
  • Auction Purchase
  • Turned down by existing Bank
  • Quicker than obtaining Finance via the Bank
  • Short Term Loan required
  • No Proof of Income
  • Mortgage cannot be obtained
  • Land Purchase
  • Settlement of IVA or Bankruptcy

We have access to Bridging Loan Companies that will lend on non status basis (minimal proof) and also to clients who may have adverse credit (County Court Judgements, Defaults)

If the Bridging Loan is no longer required and you wish to convert to a more long term loan. Mortgage & Finance Arena advisers can assist.