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There are many different reasons why you might be looking to remortgage your home and whilst remortgaging is more straightforward than a full mortgage application, getting the best rates and deals can be the tricky part.

That’s why we have a team of expert advisers ready to help you! Our team has over 7 decades of experience working with remortgages, helping our customers to secure a competitive remortgage that is tailored to individual circumstances.


Why should you remortgage?

Everyone’s circumstances are different but most people should look at remortgaging if:

Your current deal is about to end

The best mortgage deals tend to only last a short period of time. It’s always wise to reassess your mortgage when your fixed rate is due to expire. There are plenty of deals out there and available.

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You are looking to raise capital

You might be getting married, need a new car, or need funds for your business. We can help you finance your dreams while still building for the future by re-mortgaging to free up those vital funds.

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You need money to fund home improvements

Many customers use the money from a remortgage to fund a large home project like a home extension, a new kitchen or a loft conversion.

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You want a better rate

If you want to reduce the amount of interest you’re paying on your loan, remortgaging may be the answer. We will help you see if it’s worth doing by doing some sums to calculate whether a remortgage will improve your finances.

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You want to make overpayments

Most mortgages allow customers to overpay their mortgage balance by 10% each year. However, some lenders charge early repayment fees. If you want to overpay your mortgage but your lender won’t let you, remortgaging could be a smart move.

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